This year’s E3 Xbox conference will be jointly organized by Microsoft and B

Microsoft’s Xbox game studio leader Matt Booty confirmed that next month’s E3 2021 Xbox online conference will be jointly presented by Microsoft and B. Booty confirmed the above news when receiving the French game media Le Figaro.

Earlier this month, Benture Beat reporter Jeff Grubb said that the E3 show of B agency will be deeply integrated with Microsoft, but it will still be an independent event. Now it seems that the plan has changed.

Now B agency and Microsoft will jointly hold a press conference, focusing on showing the Game Pass content from B agency. In the interview, Booty also pointed out that Microsoft will not interfere with the distribution business of B, which includes marketing, promotion, communication, overseas office and so on.

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Another interesting part of the interview is that the executive stated that Microsoft does not want the Xbox brand to emulate Netflix in making the best games on Xbox Game Pass. “We don’t want our studio to make games that might be the most suitable for Game Pass.

Therefore, Xbox should not follow the old Netflix path, nor should it perform advanced analysis of viewing data.” This year’s E3 war will be held online, from June 12th to 15th, US time.

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