Microsoft will change the user experience of Windows 10

According to the Windows Latest report, Microsoft is preparing to make some fundamental changes to the design of Windows 10 based on a series of recruitment information it discovered. Microsoft has been researching large-scale design reforms for some time.

Earlier this year, Microsoft quietly confirmed in a recruitment announcement that there will be exciting updates. There is no detailed information about Sun Valley, but the new visual appearance will focus on rounded corners, similar to the functions and transitions of Windows 10X.

At the same time, in the new job list released earlier this month, Microsoft confirmed that it hopes to drastically change the user experience on the Windows platform in the next few years. This position is posted by the Microsoft Interactive Experience Platform (IXP) team.

The latter is responsible for the UX (User Experience) of Windows and Windows applications. The team is also responsible for the core, rendering and input platforms of the Start menu, Office, Microsoft Edge and native Windows applications.

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“We also have many Win32 APIs, as well as all Windows features and application infrastructure. This team brings touch to Windows, precision touchpads to Windows laptops, and Windows Ink to 2-in-1 devices. ”

Microsoft pointed out in a job advertisement: “We are starting a multi-year journey to revolutionize the Windows UX platform by providing the best interactive experience and displaying the most advanced hardware.” The job advertisement is still on its website as of May 24.

In addition, in another job posting that is no longer available, the Microsoft team responsible for window experience also confirmed that they are “reimagining this platform with the goal of achieving the best interactive experience on Windows.” According to Windows Latest news, Microsoft is also developing a new gesture experience for Windows.


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