Some users encountered issues when using the Apple TV 4K with the new Siri Remote

Some users encountered some problems when using the Apple TV 4K with the new Siri Remote. The new circular gestures could not achieve the effect of Apple’s official promotion. In the new Apple TV 4K, Apple introduced the newly designed Siri Remote, which uses a circular trackpad and a new gesture that turns the trackpad into a large scroll wheel. By making circular motions on the edge of the touchpad, the user can control the content forward and backward.

However, according to user feedback on Twitter and Reddit communities, users had unexpected results when they tried this gesture. A complete trackpad loop should adjust the video timeline in one direction, but the actual situation is to loop back to the previous position.

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In the test, the AppleInsider also encountered the same problem when testing the Siri remote control. This problem is not limited to a specific application, it affects all video applications in the same way.



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