Google Fit gets new activity that makes you just a little out of breath

Pace walking is a new activity in Google Fit that lets you walk at a pace you choose. The new activity is only available for a limited time.

Pace Walking

The card with the announcement of paced walking can be seen in the Google Fit app by a few and as soon as they open the card they see a short explanation about the new activity. Walking at a set pace or brisk walking would make you a little out of breath.

For most people, it will be about taking “about 100 steps per minute”. So you walk at a higher pace than normal, which is perfect for when you want to lose weight. In addition, such a walk is good for your overall health.

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Of course, this brisk walk counts towards the daily goals in the app such as heart points and a number of steps. Google also indicates that you can simply listen to your podcast or music list in Spotify during the pace walk.

The new pace walk feature is rolling out in version 2.57.16 of the Google Fit app, but unfortunately, that’s not yet the case here at the editors. You can try your luck by downloading the latest version of the Google Fit app.


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