Google Pixel Astrophotography gets timelapse feature soon

An upgrade to the Google Pixel tips app gives us information about the Pixel Camera and its new features. It has to do with Astrophotography mode, which allows users to take stunning long-exposure photos of the night sky.

According to 9to5Google, the Pixel tips application was upgraded and that this was done earlier than the usual Feature Drop update. There is a code in the application that mentions a new “Astrotimelapse” feature, which is going to come to Google Camera. This means that one can take photos, GIFs or videos with moving, night sky.

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Also, 9to5Google reports that the update of the camera application may not be related to the Feature Drop of June and we may not have to wait until the update comes through the Play Store. The pixel may be mobile phones that have a minimal share in the Greek market, but it is Google’s proposal in how it imagines Android and how it sees it in the future.

Thus, it undoubtedly affects all Android devices, but of course the competition as well. Let’s not forget that the well-known Night Mode (night sight), started in Google Pixel 3 and now exists in all mobile phones on the market, Android and not.


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