Microsoft executive revealed why Windows 8/10 removed the boot sound effect

As we all know, Microsoft has removed the default boot sound effect of the Windows system starting from Windows 8, which makes it impossible for users who switched from Windows 7 or older systems to adapt for a while. Recently, Jensen Harris, former head of Microsoft’s Windows User Experience Team (WUE), explained this change.

Jensen Harris said that at the time the team believed that modern Windows devices can be started anytime and anywhere, so the boot sound effect may disrupt meetings when the computer restarts. In particular, Windows 8 was used on a large scale for two-in-one devices for the first time.

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The mobile-first concept forced Windows to abandon the default boot sound effects. For example, when users turn on the computer in the bedroom late at night, they do not want to hear loud boot sound effects.

Although Microsoft has turned off the boot sound by default in both Win8 and Windows 10, it has not been deleted directly. You can turn on the boot sound effect through Settings -> Personalization -> Themes -> Sounds -> Play Windows startup sound.

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