Google Lens adds new filter for places; handy for vacation

Google Lens

Google Lens is a handy application for finding information about what you see, hear, or need to be translated. The camera in your smartphone is used for this. Now the functionality is extended with a ‘Place’ filter; handy for vacation!

Google Lens with places filter

In some cases, Google Lens can be an incredibly useful tool. Think, for example, of recognizing a type of plant, or translating a text. Now Google Lens has been extended with the ability to filter by places. This feature can now be found in the application. With this filter, you can identify buildings and immediately get information about them.

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For example, if you point your camera at Tower Bridge, you will immediately see the result, and you know that it is a bridge. The AR from Lens is used to create the result, but also the 3D models from Google Earth. The operation of the feature is very simple; open Google Lens, select ‘place’ at the bottom of the image, and point the camera at the object.


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