WeChat boosts the weight of live content

WeChat has quietly increased the weight of live content, not only providing a separate entry on the discovery page but also setting the entry to the default open state. Initially, WeChat built the live broadcast portal into Nearby People.

After clicking to enter, you can choose to view nearby people or nearby live broadcasts. Just turn off “Nearby People” in the set discovery page management, and the live broadcast entrance will not appear.

However, the WeChat team has recently gradually increased the weight of the live broadcast, not only providing the live broadcast entrance in the subscription account stream-if the relevant account opens the live broadcast, the live broadcast reminder will be displayed in the avatar of the subscription account stream.

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Recently, WeChat has separated the live broadcast entrance from the nearby people and placed it under the video number to become an independent entrance to the discovery page. In addition, on the Nearby page, Same City Live is turned on by default, and users are not allowed to choose to turn it off.

Sina Technology also found that WeChat has set the live broadcast entry of the discovery page to a state that is allowed by default. If the user wants to hide this entry, he needs to go to the Settings of Me and close it in the discovery page management under the General menu.

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