Marvel Spider-Man developers start recruiting new work or multiplayer game

Marvel Spider-Man developers start recruiting new work or multiplayer games. Marvel’s Spider-Man and Ricky and Clank series developer Insomniac Games recently announced a new job listing on Twitter. They seem to be hiring for the new game. Judging from the recruitment information, their next new game seems to be dedicated. For multiplayer games, let’s take a look!

Judging from this recruitment list, Insomniac Games is hiring positions including creative director, system designer (multiplayer mode), story leader, art director, and special effects artist. Although Insomniac Games did not specify where their multiplayer project is based An IP, the system designer position specifically mentions close combat. In the other skills requirements, the job title said: Have a good understanding of close combat, enemy design and boss design.

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The last time Insomniac Games launched a game with a multiplayer mode was “Sunset Overdrive” in 2014, and this game also appeared in the picture of “Ricky and Clank: Time and Space Jump” recently. Perhaps this time Recruitment is for the launch of the new work “Sunset Overload”, maybe, let’s wait and see!


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