Windows 11 brings a new operation center and media controls

As expected, Microsoft introduced Windows 11 UI elements that were originally intended to be used in Windows 10X. Although the latter has been shelved for development, consumers can still experience it in the early test version of Windows 11. However, what this article will introduce to you is the major changes in the Action Center and media controls of Windows 11 compared to Windows 10.

First of all, although the system tray on the right did not disappear with the arrival of Windows 11, some functions have been transferred to the redesigned Action Center. Many old Windows 10 users, may not be able to use the notification management function of Action Center. However, the redesign on Windows 11 still brings more eye-catching WinUI and Fluent Design design languages, as well as an improved interactive experience “Quick Settings” panel.

If you look closely, you will find that the Action Center on Windows 11 looks very different from that on Windows 10. It introduces a brand-new “panel” design, bringing a more handy “system notification” (located in the upper part) and “operation controls” grouping (closer to the lower right corner of the taskbar).

It is worth mentioning that Windows 11 allows users to moderately adjust the size of the operation center, and supports adaptive while retaining the “clear all notifications” button located in the upper right corner.

Like Windows 10, the new “Quick Settings” panel provides quick access to frequently used settings, including features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, airplane mode, power-saving mode, and focus mode, as well as new controls such as screen brightness/volume adjustment.

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In general, Windows 11 does not completely subvert the interaction logic of the operation center but gives more customization. For example, when you click Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, it will pop up a new configuration pane so that users can directly switch between different Wi-Fi or Bluetooth devices.

Previously these operations will be redirected to the offending Windows settings application, but now you can directly configure them on the panel of the notification center. And the modification of related animations is also quite clever, for example, the Bluetooth icon will show some slight changes when confirming a valid click.

Another big change in the Windows 11 desktop is the introduction of a redesigned Music Control panel, and it will only appear when there is audio playback. With the help of the new version of music controls, you can directly cut songs, or pause/resume playing music through the “Operation Center” panel. In contrast, the relevant UI features on Windows 10 are indeed outdated.

In summary, the basic functions of the “operation center” have not been completely overturned, which means that you can still enter the “Settings” application to find further custom experience options. Finally, in addition to the “operation center”, Microsoft also redesigned the Windows 11 application store, “settings” application, file explorer, and photo albums.


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