Windows 11 will support seamless cumulative updates in the background

As we all know, Windows 10 system updates are numerous and complicated. Even if Microsoft is constantly improving the update method, users still need to restart the computer and wait. According to Windows Latest, Microsoft promised that Windows 11 will change this situation.

When receiving cumulative updates, security updates, and driver updates, the system will update seamlessly in the background without reminding users to restart. In addition, the volume of the Win11 update package will be reduced by 40%, even if a major update does not have to wait too long.

It is not clear how Microsoft will make Windows 11 updates faster, but according to foreign media reports, Microsoft may have achieved this promise by using the experience pack. In Windows 11, in addition to the main system update, the rest of the patches will be updated separately through the “feature experience package” or “network experience package”.

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For example, Windows 11 can update Widgets through the app store, and more features are independent of the Windows 11 system update. Microsoft also promised to release only one major feature update of Windows 11 every year, and the goal is to release it in the second half of each calendar year, that is, fewer and fewer user restarts are required.

Windows 11 may be open for a preview update next week. Is it so amazing? Let’s try it.

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