Google Maps: How to create a shortcut to directions

You can easily create a shortcut of a specific route description in Google Maps so that you can view a specific route at any time. You can read here how to do that.

Create a shortcut in Google Maps

You can create a shortcut of directions in Google Maps on your Android phone so that you can easily start it from your home screen. That saves you searching again if you need to be somewhere quickly or just want to go well prepared.

  • Open Google Maps on your Android phone

  • Find your destination

  • Tap the three dots at the top right

  • Tap Add route to the home screen

  • In the pop-up screen, tap on add

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On the day or time, you want to leave, grab your phone and tap the shortcut. You will immediately see the route description in Maps so that you can leave immediately. You can create a shortcut for routes by car, public transport, bicycle and on foot.

You can also choose to add an extra stop to the route via points 1 to 3 or search along a route. Adding an extra stop is useful if, for example, you want to visit a place of interest along the way, and you use searching along a route if you are looking for a restaurant on the route to grab a bite to eat after a long drive.

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