AirPods 3 will be released in the Q3 this year

Apple’s current wireless headset AirPods 2 was released on March 20, 2019. The diameter has not been updated for more than two years, and the product has exactly the same appearance as the original AirPods launched in 2016. Aesthetic fatigue and lagging behind in features.

Some time ago, it was unanimously rumored that Apple will launch a brand-newly designed AirPods 3 generation product this year, which will usher in a major upgrade in function and appearance, which is very anticipated, but it did not appear at the just past WWDC21 conference.

According to the latest news in the supply chain, AirPods 3 has already been supplied to Apple by manufacturers. Not surprisingly, it will be officially released in Q3, which is this summer, and will be released at the same time as the new 16-inch and 14-inch MacBook Pro. Debut.

According to reports, AirPods 3 integrates the design language of AirPods Pro as a whole in terms of appearance. It adopts a semi-in-ear solution. The overall shape is more ergonomic and should bring a more comfortable wearing experience.

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In addition to the appearance changes, AirPods 3 will also usher in a major functional upgrade. It is reported that it is expected to join the ANC active noise reduction function, but because it does not use a better-closed ear design, the noise reduction effect is relatively better. It may be weaker for AirPods Pro.

But this may not be a disadvantage. Thanks to the semi-in-ear design, it has a more comfortable wearing experience than AirPods Pro and is more suitable for long-term use. In terms of the selling price, industry insiders predict that the price of this new AirPods headset may be around 1,500 yuan, which is between AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, which can effectively fill the gap in the market between the two.

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