Xiaomi’s new device patent shows integration the front camera at the ultra-narrow bezel of the forehead

Although there is still no mobile phone equipped with an under-screen camera, Xiaomi has applied for a number of related appearance and technical patents. In the latest patent granted, Xiaomi plans to integrate the front camera into the ultra-narrow bezel of the forehead and guide the light to the internal front camera through an ultra-small hole for imaging.

This patent was filed by Xiaomi one year ago and was approved for inclusion by the European Patent Office and the US Patent and Trademark Office on June 2 and 3, respectively. The 14-page document entitled Mobile terminal screen behind the camera lens through the light guide plate attached to the front describes a millet smartphone, in which a selfie camera is integrated into the screen frame.

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In order to incorporate the camera in the ultra-narrow part of the forehead, Xiaomi used a transparent trend. Therefore, the incident light from the display panel can be illuminated by the translucent element on the camera lens. For light-transmitting elements, optical fibers are used, or prisms can also be used.

One obvious advantage of this type of camera system is that the screen remains undamaged-after all, no punches or bangs are visible in this solution. Although many people think that a punch-hole camera is less distracting than a groove, it is still highly visible.

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