A Preliminary Study of the new features of PHP 8.1

PHP 8.1 entered the Alpha phase in June this year. It is another major upgrade version after PHP 8.0 last year, adding Enums, Fsync, Fibers, etc., and performing many optimizations. The main improvements in PHP 8.1 in recent months include:

  • Enums (Enumerations) for PHP are finally in place.
  • 8.1 supports the sync() function to help ensure that the operating system has written data/metadata changes to the underlying storage. Similarly, the sync data() function only ensures that the data, not necessarily the metadata, has been synchronized.
  • Introduce the support of Fibers to improve the asynchronous support in PHP. PHP Fibers allows PHP functions to be interrupted without polluting the call stack and supports transparent non-blocking I/O implementation of existing interfaces.
  • Convert more PHP resources into objects.
  • PHP-FPM now supports process renaming on macOS.
  • Support the PHP hash interface of MurmurHash V3 and xxHash.
  • PHP Sodium now supports the XChaCha20 stream cipher function and Ristretto255 function.
  • PHP’s OPcache now has an inherited cache.
  • Continuous performance optimization.

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Although RSS subscriptions have been closed, PHP 8.1 Alpha 2 was released just a few days after Alpha 1 was released. If you want to help users who test the Alpha version, you can go to PHP.net to download it.

PHP 8.1 Alpha 3 is expected to be released next week and will enter the Feature Freeze phase in July this year. After this stage, 3 Beta versions will be released before mid-August, and then several candidate versions will be released in September. The official version is expected to be released at the end of November this year.

Today, PHP also released PHP 8.0.8, 7.4.21 & 7.3.29. The update log is as follows:

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