GTA 5 unofficial FSR MOD has flaws and will trigger anti-cheat

Although AMD is slightly behind NVIDIA in ray tracing, DLSS and other technologies, as the saying goes, latecomers come first, AMD officially announced FSR (FidelityFX Super Resolution) technology last month and shared the first batch of supported games line-up. The bad news is that the enduring GTA 5 is not in the starting game lineup. The good news is that we have the help of MOD.

Recently, a business tycoon claimed that he successfully transplanted AMD FSR technology to GTA 5. This technology works by replacing the internal upconverter of GTA 5, which means that just by changing the frame zoom mode in the advanced graphics settings in the game, you can control the FSR profile through the menu, which is very convenient to operate.

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Since AMD has not released an open-source version of its FSR technology, the module maker used a pre-compiled DLL source for this module. The creator did not specify which game is a donor of the DLL library. It should be mentioned that although this MOD can now be found on GitHub, you can also check the source code there and manually compile the MOD, but it is not recommended because the MOD may trigger anti-cheating.

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