Windows 11 successfully runs on OnePlus 6T

Following the successful operation of the Windows 11 system on the Lumia 950 XL by the developer, Xilin Wu from Wuhan, China also successfully transplanted the Windows 11 system to the Mi 8 and OnePlus 6T running Qualcomm Snapdragon 845.

However, most of the content of the operating system is unavailable. For example, the developer claims that it does not currently support calls. In order to run Windows 11 on Android phones, developers have created their own tools/drivers and enabled a customized UEFI environment for Snapdragon 845. This is because Qualcomm’s xbl (UEFI firmware) and abl (required to load the Linux kernel) are signed on retail devices, and they cannot be modified.

Therefore, it is impossible to start Windows using the inventory boot program. It should be noted that Microsoft has no plans to introduce Windows 11 to the mobile terminal. It is these enthusiastic and skilled people who successfully run this desktop system on their mobile phones by creating custom tools and drivers. Currently, Windows 11 can only be a plus 6T, millet runs on 8 and some of Xiao Long prototypes.

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These efforts may not have any practical effect, because Windows 11 is not really optimized for mobile form factors, and there are no mobile-friendly features such as calling, but this is still an impressive achievement.

However, don’t hold out too much hope, because the project is far from perfect on Android phones. At present, it is mainly a proof of concept. Multiple problems with the touch screen and phone connection prevent you from using the phone as your daily drive.

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