Edge development version ushered in a new sharing menu users can send emails to themselves

Microsoft today announced that it is launching a new sharing menu for users running the Canary and Dev versions of Microsoft Edge on the desktop, bringing a design similar to that in mobile applications. The new sharing menu replaces the default Windows and macOS sharing options, provides users with quick sharing goals in the form of application icons, and provides a clever way to add personal email addresses to share web pages with themselves. The local sharing menu can be accessed by click the “Sharing Options” icon to access.

Currently, the new menu supports a small number of applications, including Outlook, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp-which are more than the existing options in the stable version. The company said it will add support for more applications in the coming weeks. Click on any application option to open these services in a new tab and provide the necessary information. There is also an option to copy the link to the web page, similar to the native option on Windows.

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Another interesting and useful option is the “Email to Myself” feature, especially for those who like to email links to web pages. Users can save their email addresses and quickly share links to these addresses in the browser. Click on the saved ID, an email will automatically pop up with the title of the page in the subject line and the URL in the body. This feature may be useful for those who have not enabled tag or history synchronization on their mobile devices, or who use different browsers on their phones.

Since this feature has just begun to be rolled out to the build versions of Canary and Dev channels, not all users will receive it right away. Microsoft said it will add a separate setting flag for Edge Canary in the next few days, allowing users to manually force the feature to be enabled.

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