Nintendo Switch update v12.1.0 now online

Nintendo today released the 12.1.0 update to the Switch game console. This update mainly adjusts the system storage mechanism and fixes some bugs. According to the official introduction, after the 12.1.0 update, when downloading the game software update data, if the internal storage of the Switch host or the remaining space of the microSD capacity is insufficient, the old data can be deleted first, and then the new data can be downloaded.

  • After deleting the old data, the game cannot run and play until the new data is completely imported.
  • Fixed multiple issues to improve the stability and convenience of system operation.

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Nintendo’s switch 12.0.3 system update in June had serious problems such as network connection and microSD card unavailability. The official emergency withdrawal of the package did not seem to give a complete solution. It just said It can be repaired and updated online. Therefore, it is best not to update the 12.1.0 system first, confirm that there is no problem, and then update.

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