IAC CEO says Apple is worse than Google and may become the next antitrust target

After a large-scale antitrust lawsuit against Google, IAC CEO Joey Levin said that Apple is worse than the search giant and is likely to become the next major target of competition regulators. Levin’s company runs the Internet industry, and he said that the US Attorney General’s lawsuit against Google was correct. Levin said in an interview with CNBC on Friday that Apple may be the target of the next antitrust crackdown.

Levine praised the crackdown on Google and the potential next blow to Apple by regulators. Levine said: Apple is next, and I think Apple is worse in many senses. His company IAC runs a company that has apps on Apple’s App Store. He said that Apple, the technology giant, has forced the company to use this system. Levin said They have a monopoly. There is no way to do it, and the fees are high, which affects everyone.

As early as May, Levine publicly criticized 30% of Apple’s apps and in-app purchases on the App Store. He called the fees disgusting” and complained about the so-called quasi-monopoly. Apple defended this fee, claiming that it is the same as other market operators’ fees, Google also charges 30% of the fee, but its Google Play store is significantly less restrictive, and later Apple and Google launched for small businesses Plan to cut commissions.

I think the world needs competition. There are regulations around the size of these companies. Now there is a lot of power concentrated in the hands of very few people, Levine said. This is good for innovation if they can do it.

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