Windows 11 Cloud PC system interface leaked

In Microsoft’s Windows 11 launch event on June 24, the company skipped some projects worth looking forward to announcing, including Microsoft’s rumored Cloud PC cloud computer plan. Microsoft Cloud PC (code-named Deschutes) will provide Azure-powered Windows 11 desktops for companies that want to provide more security, roaming desktops, or are unable or unwilling to upgrade their hardware.

Recently, the interface promotion diagram of the Microsoft Cloud PC cloud computer feature has been leaked, and you can see the following content. As can be seen from the picture, Microsoft Windows 11 cloud computer will be provided through the browser, users will be able to choose from some examples, it is estimated that there will be a saved state and configuration.

Microsoft is expected to announce the Windows 11 cloud computing system at the Microsoft Inspire conference held from July 14th to 15th. As an enterprise-focused activity, this time may be more appropriate, although it is unclear whether Microsoft will provide consumers with Windows 11 cloud computing capabilities.

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