Apple release candidate version of iOS/iPadOS 14.7, macOS 11.5 and watchOS 7.6 to developers

Apple today released the candidate version of Apple iOS 14.7, iPadOS 14.7 (18G68), macOS Big Sur 11.5 (20G70) and watchOS 7.6. You can check the complete changes which is mention below.

iOS 14.7/iPadOS 14.7:

This indicates that iOS 14.7 will be released to the public as soon as next week, which is consistent with the delivery time of the first batch of MagSafe power banks. In addition, Apple also released RC versions of tvOS 14.7.

What’s New In This Update:

  • The magSafe external battery supports iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.
  • Apple Card Family adds the option of combining credit lines and shares a co-owned account with existing Apple Card users.
  • The Home app adds the ability to manage timers on HomePod.
  • Weather and maps for Canada, France, Italy, the Netherlands, South Korea, and Spain now provide air quality information.
  • The Podcast library allows you to choose to view all programs or just the ones you follow.
  • But there still seem to be some bugs, such as the lack of a shared playlist menu option in Apple Music.
  • Dolby Atmos and Apple Music lossless audio playback may stop unexpectedly.
  • In addition, this version also restores the issue that the battery service message may disappear after restarting some iPhone 11 models.
  • When composing a message, the braille display may show invalid information.

iOS 14.7 RC can be obtained through Settings OTA after installing the corresponding description file. As usual, if the update is not pushed immediately, please be patient, as it sometimes takes a few minutes to push to all registered developers.

macOS Big Sur 11.5:

The candidate version of macOS Big Sur 11.5 (20G70) has updated the podcasting application, allowing the Podcast Library tab to display all programs or only the programs that you follow. It also solves the problem that music cannot update the play count and last playdate in the library, and the smart card cannot be used when logging in to an Apple M1 Mac computer.

Users can download the description file through the IThome App-Discover-Apple Profile, and download the latest version through Software Update in System Preferences.

watchOS 7.6:

watchOS 7.6 includes new features, improvements, and bug fixes:

  • Added 30 regions where the “ECG” App can be used on Apple Watch Series 4 or later models.
  • Add 30 regions where you can receive arrhythmia notifications.

It should be noted that the electrocardiogram (ECG) function in China is not yet online. On June 25, the medical device approval certificate (import) issued by the National Medical Products Administration showed that the first item was the mobile electrocardiogram atrial fibrillation reminder software of Apple Inc. The registration number was National Instruments Note Enter 20212210223.

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