PC version of COD 17 supports PS5 handle tactile feedback but affects shooting

With the PS5 on the market for more than half a year, in addition to the functions of the new Dualsense handle for games on the console platform, more and more PC games also support functions such as tactile adaptive feedback.

According to PC Gamer, the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has now achieved full support for the DualSense controller tactile adaptive feedback function, players only need to set in the game controller menu.

However, PC Gamer is not optimistic about this feature: it often brings a superb gaming experience, but with this feature, because pulling the handle trigger requires more power, the player’s aiming speed is at a certain level. Slow up is slowed-this is fatal in fast-paced FPS games, slow shots may cause the player to be killed by the enemy first.

Therefore, they suggest that the PC version players should turn off the haptic adaptive feedback function of the DualSense controller, or simply use the mouse and keyboard operation.

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