Windows 7 system can continue to be used in 2021

In 2021, Microsoft has released the Windows 11 system, and the Windows 10 system is in full swing, but there are still many people using Windows 7, although Microsoft has given up support for Windows 7 in early January 2020.

Of course, Microsoft is not saying that it does not completely ignore Windows 7. Enterprise users can extend the security update through ESU, which can support up to January 2023, but there is a charge. In 2021, each unit is 50 US dollars, and it will increase to 100 US dollars in 2022.

For ordinary users, the security support from Microsoft is gone. Can you continue to use Windows 7 in 2021? The answer is of course yes, only three problems need to be solved. Windows 7 has been on sale for 12 years. Various functions are not up to date. What users worry about is the incompatibility of hardware and software, but this is mainly for new machines. Users who are using Windows 7 don’t have to worry about compatibility issues and use good software. Don’t rush to upgrade the hardware.

The most troublesome problem of Windows 7 is now security. Without Microsoft’s patch support, it now has to be solved by a third party, which involves anti-virus software, firewall, and security patch updates. Antivirus software is easy to say. There are many antiviruses that still support Windows 7 both at home and abroad. Foreign ones such as Kaspersky, AVAST, Xiaohong Umbrella, EIST, etc. are all available. Various domestic XX guards have not given up Windows 7, and they are free. There will be some advertisements, so consider carefully.

A firewall is not necessary, but considering the Win7 security issues, it is recommended to find free firewall software, such as Comodo Firewall, Windows 7 comes with too weak. The last and most important point is the patch upgrade. This depends on netizens to use love to generate power. There are also many free update tools on the Internet. Among them, the Russian UpdatePack7R2 is more famous. These are some packaged security patches that will be released regularly and removed. Microsoft’s telemetry tool.

In short, if you want to continue to use Win7 in 2021, there is no problem. Security updates are the biggest trouble, but there are also solutions. After solving the three major problems of anti-virus, firewall and patch, Win7 can still run the network.

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