Rumour: Samsung testing 65W charging support for the Galaxy S22 series

Perhaps due to concerns about battery degradation, Samsung is limiting the charging support of the Galaxy S21 series to 25W, which is considered a step backward. Next year, if all goes well, the company may bring 65W charging support to the Galaxy S22 series.

The source FrontTron revealed Samsung’s plan, claiming that the 65W charging support test for the Galaxy S22 series has begun. Although he did not explicitly mention any member of the Galaxy S22 family, his latest tweet pointed out the word rainbow, which is the code name for the entire series.

Each Galaxy S22 model and its related code names are:

  • Galaxy S22-Red
  • Galaxy S22 Plus-Green
  • Galaxy S22 Ultra-Blue

I hope that the test will go smoothly so that Samsung will not limit the 65W charging function to the Galaxy S22 Ultra at the last minute. Assuming that high-power support is introduced to all models, Samsung will be on the same starting line with Chinese competitors such as Xiaomi and OPPO.

Of course, the faster the phone is charged, its health will decline rapidly, which may be one of the reasons why Apple continues to limit its iPhone in this way, despite the higher power support of the iPad.

Samsung can easily introduce smart battery charging technology on each Galaxy S22 model. The owner’s usage habits will be recognized over time, sufficient power will be provided to the device, and at the same time, the battery will be exhausted. May stay healthy for a long time.

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