Google released Chrome 92 browser for iOS and iPadOS

Google today pushed the iOS & iPadOS version of the Chrome 92 browser, bringing new privacy features, allowing iPhone and iPad users to use Touch ID, Face ID or password to protect their incognito tabs. When the user leaves the Chrome browser App and reopens it, the incognito tab will require verification of Touch ID, Face ID, or password to protect the user’s privacy.

To enable this feature, users need to enable this option in Settings > Privacy > Lock incognito tabs. The Private tab of the Safari browser does not currently have a similar function. In addition to encrypting incognito tabs, the Chrome 92 browser also adds a feature that can take screenshots of the entire web page, which is the long screen capture feature built into the browser.

When taking a screenshot, users can use the Full Page option at the top of the screenshot editor to take a screenshot of the entire page. The new tab page of the Chrome 92 browser has also been redesigned, with changes in settings, history, and bookmarks, as well as a series of detailed experience updates. You can download and update in the Apple App Store.

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