Microsoft announces new games for cloud game XGP at the end of July

Microsoft recently announced the end of July to join their upcoming masterpiece XGP cloud gaming services, including Battlefield 5, Microsoft Flight Simulator and so on. The following is a list of specific new games at the end of July:

July 21

  • Battlefield 5 (Xbox Cloud Game)
  • Cris Tales

July 22

  • Radiation Valley (Atomicrops)
  • Raj: Ancient Legend
  • last stop

July 26

  • Thunderbolt Cool Cat: Through Time and Space
  • Ace Pilot: Avenue of Vengeance

July 27

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (XSX/S)

July 29

  • Deadly League: Flames


  • Wingman Plan (PC)
  • Upward Battlefield

Xbox Game Pass is a game subscription service launched by Microsoft. Players can play hundreds of games included in the service during the subscription period, but except for some first-party games from Microsoft, the rest of the games are available on the shelves. By the time limit, when the game is removed from the Xbox Game Pass service, players will no longer be able to play for free, so the service is more suitable for playing one-time pass-type games.

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