Check the latest Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with rotating camera patent

According to the latest technology patents approved by Samsung, the Korean mobile phone manufacturer plans to integrate hinges for the camera system to facilitate the integration of a larger auxiliary screen. The patent was filed on January 14, 2021, and was officially included by the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) on July 22. The patent describes a flip phone similar to the Galaxy Z Flip.

The biggest highlight of this flip phone is the camera system. Samsung seems to want to connect the dual cameras with hinges so that the front, back, or top images can be captured by rotating. This allows you to take photos from different angles, from selfies to regular photo and video shooting.

As the location of the camera has changed, Samsung can provide a larger auxiliary screen for this device. The screen size shown in the patent illustration is larger than the existing Galaxy Z Flip and the upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 3. This means that more content can be displayed on the screen. This includes not only incoming notifications and calls but also information. For example, if you receive a WhatsApp message, you can quickly reply to it without having to open your phone.

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