Google opens Android Auto beta to all users

Android users who have always wanted to participate in the test now have the opportunity to test Android Auto. Google announced that anyone with an Android phone can now register as a tester of Android Auto. The plan will allow users to get in touch with its new features and improvements in advance before releasing Android Auto to the public.

Testers will have the opportunity to help get a better version of Android Auto and help test how the new features can be used normally on their specific devices and vehicles. The feedback collected from the test project will be used to help plan improvements to future versions of Android Auto.

Google requires those who participate in the testing program not to disclose or share the features they are testing until the testing features are fully available. Joining the test plan requires users to enter the opt-in page to register. There, they chose to become a tester. Then, the user must go to the Play Store and update Android Auto to the beta version.

Google pointed out that the beta version may not be as stable as the normal version of the application, and may even not work properly. People interested in the Android car test project may also want to register for other Google test projects to get the features of other Google applications as early as possible, including Google Maps, Waze, Google applications, and Google Messages.

One thing to note is that only one version of Android Auto can be installed on the user’s mobile phone. If there is no beta version available, program users will get a stable version of Android Auto. If users wish, they can leave the program through the opt-out page.

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