Google TV mobile app adds new services and recommended features

According to the latest reports, following the Google TV launched last fall, Google today will revamp its Android companion app Google TV. The updated version of the Google TV mobile app includes an updated user interface, expanded settings suggestions, and more TV and movie content viewing.

Earlier, this app was called Google Play Movies & TV, but with the changes launched on Chromecast in September, it was renamed Google TV. Here, the user can browse through the top streaming media over 700,000 movies and TV dramas, to find new attractions, rent or purchase movies and shows – including new release movies and shows.

Now, Google is updating the look and feel of the app, adopting new 16:9 widescreen movies and posters, which it says will give the app a more cinema look. In addition, it adds a Rotten Tomatoes score directly below each poster to help users decide what they want to watch next.

In addition, users can also visit the detailed information page of a movie or TV show and mark it as watched to improve application recommendations. This will allow Google TV to make further recommendations based on the user’s viewing history. If it’s not a user who frequently uses the app, it will start to customize its recommendations based on the user’s interests, which may be helpful. Unfortunately, this feature does not help users keep up with their progress in the program.

It is reported that these recommendations are another feature improved in the latest version, making it more in line with the experience that users see on TV. In addition to providing more personalized suggestions for users to browse, the application’s recommendation system will now be based on the content that the user has seen in the past, the user’s interest in the Google account, and the popular trends and popular content in the user’s area. Trend recommendations come from the popular trends of Google products, content mentioned on the Internet and selected content manually edited.

Users can now also see new movies and show recommendations when new content is released by the service they subscribed to. The app has also expanded its content lineup, adding new providers such as Discovery+, Viki, Cartoon Network, PBS Kids, and Boomerang, as well as on-demand content from live TV services – and of course content on YouTube TV, Philo and fuboTV.

Google said that U.S. users can currently use these new features in the Google TV Android application, but it cannot provide a timetable for other platforms or its international expansion plan.

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