Google TV Setup lands on the Play Store while Fast Pair is about to arrive on Chrome OS

Without particular fanfare Google TV Setup has landed on the Play Store, so you can more easily receive updates separate from those of the system. Similarly, Fast Pair, which allows you to connect Bluetooth devices with ease, is about to arrive on Chrome OS and Chromebooks.

Google TV Setup is the application that runs the first time you start a Google Chromecast with a Google TV device, with a process very similar to the one that accompanies the first start-up of any Android smartphone. After connecting your Google account, selecting the system language and connecting to a WiFi network, you will be able to connect to your favorite streaming services to start enjoying your new device.

Now the app is available on the Play Store, with the latest update released yesterday and in all likelihood, it will allow Google to more easily add or remove the various streaming services displayed at the end of the initial procedure. It must be said that at the moment in the description of the app there is no reference to this hypothesis, which however seems the most likely.

A new commit published in recent days on Chromium Gerrit confirms that porting of the Fast Pair function on Chrome OS is underway. in the form of a flag accessible from the chrome://flags page. Together with the code, Google has provided a brief description of the function, the same that will be displayed next to the flag:

Enable the Google Fast Pair service which uses Bluetooth LE to discover nearby supported Bluetooth devices and show a notification for quick pairing. Use together with # Bluetooth-advertisement-monitoring to allow background scanning

At the moment the function is not active in any version of Chrome OS, not even on the Canary variant which first hosts the news under development. It should be remembered that the feature made its appearance on Chrome OS in 2019 for a very short time, before disappearing completely.

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