Volkswagen talks about car chip shortage

According to the Science and Technology Innovation Board, Alexander Seitz, the chief financial officer of the Volkswagen brand, said recently when talking about the shortage of automotive chips that it is expected that the lack of cores will continue in the automotive industry in the third quarter.

Alexander Seitz also added: Although there are signs that chip supply is beginning to ease, from a supply perspective, we expect to face very big challenges in the third quarter of this year. Affected by the core shortage since the end of last year, Volkswagen’s cumulative production losses reached six figures.

In addition, the Volkswagen Group’s Audi official also said there are signs that in the next few months we will face a more severe chip supply situation, Audi will continue to intensify for a solution, but given the ongoing shortage expected this year could not fully compensate for Losses caused by reduced production.

Global core shortages have been affecting the automotive industry. Last month, some production lines of BMW and Daimler’s German plants were forced to suspend production due to chip shortages, while Honda Motors in Japan is continuing to do so. Months later, it was also announced last month that its Suzuki plant would temporarily suspend production for five days in August.

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