Download these 3 new Google Pixel wallpapers dedicated to nature

One of the main strengths of Android is undoubtedly represented by the great customization possibilities that the Google mobile operating system is able to guarantee to users and by virtue of which also two identical smartphones, once switched on and placed one next to the other, they may appear as two completely different devices.

This is possible thanks to the various parts of the user interface that everyone can customize to their liking, from the most common ones (such as backgrounds) to those for slightly more experienced users, such as the small elements that from time to time appear on the screen.

With Android 12 the customization possibilities will increase even more thanks to what the team of the Mountain View giant has decided to call Material You, which is the new design on which Google has decided to focus for the next version of its OS.

Here are the new Google Pixel wallpapers

Speaking of Google, in the past few hours his team has released a new series of Pixel wallpapers dedicated to the beauties of Australian nature. In particular, the three wallpapers are Gudanji paintings by artist/designer Ryhia Dank and show some parts of Australia’s natural beauty:

  • Elements – an image that merges people, kangaroo tracks, water, fire and the Earth
  • Regenerate – an image showing a contrast of red earth, black trees and green growth
  • Waterways – an image that recalls how after the rainy season Australia is full of water, rivers and streams that flow creating new paths.

Available in the Wallpapers and Style app on Google Pixel 3 smartphones (and newer models), these wallpapers can be downloaded at maximum resolution from the following three links, and then applied to any smartphone:

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