Microsoft released Edge browser 93 beta update

Microsoft today announced the launch of the Edge 93 Beta test version, the build version number is 93.0.961.11, bringing several new improvements, such as label grouping, hidden titles in the vertical label mode The ability of the bar makes it easier to enter the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode and so on.

Here is the update

Initial preference in Microsoft Edge: Starting from version 93, it will be easier to deploy Microsoft Edge to enterprises because of the increased initial preferences.

IE mode on Microsoft Edge will support nomerge behavior: Starting from Edge 93 version, IE mode on Microsoft Edge will support nomerge. For end-users, when a new browser window is launched from an IE mode application, it will be in a separate session, similar to the nomerge behavior in IE11. You will need to adjust the list of sites and configure the sites that need to prevent session sharing as nomerge. Behind the scenes, for each window of Microsoft Edge, when the IE mode tab is accessed for the first time in that window, if it is one of the designated nomerge websites, the window will be locked in a different nomerge in an IE session, at least until the last IE mode tab in the window is closed. This follows the previous behavior, that is, users can launch IE through nomerge, or launch Microsoft Edge through other mechanisms without using nomerge.

Label grouping: The ability to categorize tags into user-defined groups helps you find, switch, and manage tags in multiple workflows more effectively. In order to enable this, label grouping has been turned on since Microsoft Edge 93 version.

In hiding the title bar when using the vertical labels: In the vertical tab, you can get a few extra pixels by hiding the title bar of the browser. Starting from the Microsoft Edge 93 version, you can go to edge://settings/appearance and select the option to hide the title bar in the vertical label mode in the custom toolbar section.

Use Picture-in-Picture (PiP) to watch the video from the hover toolbar: Starting from the Edge 93 version, it will become easier to enter the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode. When you hover your mouse over a supported video, a toolbar will appear, allowing you to view the video in a picture-in-picture window. IT Home reminder: Currently this only applies to Microsoft Edge users on macOS. As Microsoft continues to promote to Windows users, this feature will soon be covered.

Cancel 3DES in TLS: Starting from Edge 93 version, support for TLS_RSA_WITH_3DES_EDE_CBC_SHA cipher suite will be removed. This change occurred in the Chromium project, and Microsoft Edge is based on this project. In addition, in the Edge 93 version, the TripleDESEnabled policy will be used to support scenarios that need to maintain compatibility with outdated servers. This compatibility strategy will become obsolete and will stop working in the Edge 95 version. Please make sure you upgrade the affected server before then.

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