PUBG Mobile X Blackpink cooperation event officially launched on August 8

Blackpink is a very popular K-pop group known for songs such as Kill This Love and How You Like That. Jedi survive was recently published and will Blackpink linkage, to hold special in-game activities. The Blackpink event of PUBG will be held from August 8th to September 7th.

It includes special tasks that can be completed to obtain Blackpink-themed accessories. Blackpink-themed advertisements and graffiti are also added to the game map, and throughout the event, there will be Blackpink-themed supply boxes, which will emit special pink smoke.

Blackpink themed items include the four members’ own hair, clothes, expressions and nameplate items, as well as weapons. It should be noted that no cosmetics contain the looks of any band members: event announcements have repeatedly stated that all items will not include Blackpink faces.

In addition to the four members’ individual suit combinations sold separately, the event also includes an event Mega Bundle. Mega Bundle includes all Blackpink member sets, as well as Blackpink themed spray paint and parachutes.

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