Google will bring a new time picker UI to Android

Google released the latest version of its Material design language- Material You at the I/O conference earlier this year. Since then, Google has been adding Material You elements to its App. In the past few months, Google has redesigned the Chrome browser, SMS, address book, etc.

Now, Google is launching a redesigned Material You for the time picker UI in its Android app. According to a report from the 9to5Google, the new time selector UI has a more touch-friendly design. As shown in the figure below, the updated UI provides better spacing for the Hour and Minute fields, making them easier to click, and there is a more obvious border around the AM/PM button.

When users manually enter the time, the new UI can make better use of the available space. The time field now occupies most of the space, and the previous Set Time headline has also been cancelled. The AM/PM drop-down menu has also been replaced by more different buttons, and the highlighting on the AM/PM button is more obvious than before.

9To5 did not say whether only Android 12 can experience the new time selector UI. But it represents the new design direction of Android, which will appear in more and more mobile phones in the future.

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