AMD AM4/AM5 sockets will maintain the compatibility of the heat sink

In the past few months, a lot of AM5 socket information has been exposed on the Internet. As the successor to the AM4 socket, the socket type will be changed from PGA to LGA, and there will be 1718 contacts, so the AM5 socket is also called LGA 1718 socket. Its structure is square with an area of ​​40 × 40 mm. The rendering shows the new locking mechanism of the AM5 socket, matched with AMD’s Zen 4 architecture processor codenamed Raphael.

For many users, it is a painful thing to replace the processor interface. To build a new platform, you need to buy a new motherboard. It may also make some original accessories no longer applicable, which will cause waste and is a pity, such as more expensive high-end heat sinks. Device. According to Twitter user @TtLexington, AMD’s AM5 socket will retain compatibility with existing AM4 sockets, and the original fasteners can be used.

Although AM4 and AM5 are completely different types of sockets, they are still consistent, which is beyond many people’s expectations. The previously leaked renderings have shown the new fixing method of the AM5 socket. It is realized through a simple lock and clip. I believe many users will find it familiar with the operation method. It is similar to Intel’s existing LGA 1200 socket, instead of many people before. Worry about the reduced version of the TR4/sTRX4 socket.

In addition, this time also leaked the TDP information of the processors on the AM5 platform. The new generation of processors will be divided into six grades: 45W, 65W, 95W, 105W, 125W and 170W. The 170W TDP requires a 280-size water-cooled radiator. It is understood that the general Raphael processor is between 105W-120W, but the 120W TDP is also 15W higher than the current AM4 platform configuration. This means that the power consumption of the Zen 4 architecture processor manufactured with the 5nm process may also increase.

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