Check the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold & Roll concept

Lets Go Digital pointed out: The two new folding screens that Samsung released earlier this month have ushered in many improvements over the previous generation, and the pricing has become more affordable. However, a new patent recently revealed that the Korean electronics giant is developing a new folding screen with a pull-out flexible screen design. For convenience, we call it Galaxy Z Fold & Roll here.

It is reported that Samsung Display submitted this smartphone design patent with a foldable and expandable flexible screen on February 1, 2021, and officially announced it to the outside world on August 24, 2021. The document contains at least 40 sketches and shows two folding screen smartphones with different shapes. If you compare carefully, you will find that they continue the design style of Galaxy Z Fold 3.

In the picture, you can see Samsung’s iconic hidden hinge, rear three-camera, and inward foldable screen, but Samsung has not only focused on this item but equipped the flexible screen with a sliding mechanism. The main difference between the two device models depicted in the patent illustration lies in the way they stretch to the left or right. After folding, part of the display area can still be left on one side of the screen for self-portraits using the main camera.

However, after unfolding, we did not see any slots or holes on the inner screen. It is expected that this opportunity will use a hidden proactive design under the screen similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Looking back in May of this year, Samsung Display also showed another promising Slideable device, but it does not support folding.

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