Chrome and Edge will warn when PWA app changes icon/name

Chrome and Microsoft Edge are continuing to advance support for progressive web applications (PWA) and make their operating experience close to native applications. Now, when a PWA application tries to update the icon or name, the two browsers will now ensure that the user receives this warning.

If you visit chrome://flags and search for PWA now, you will notice that the browser already contains a large number of experimental Flags, and Google and Microsoft plan to add more features to the PWA application in the future. When a certain PWA application tries to update the icon, the browser will send out a reminder.

When a user visits a PWA site, Chrome and Edge browsers will issue such an alert: Review icon update. If this Web app is trying to trick you into thinking it’s a different app, uninstall it (check icon update. If this web application is trying to deceive and mislead you into thinking it is another application, please uninstall it).

The dialog box also warns the user if the application is disguised as a different application, please uninstall the application. You need to turn on the PWA installation update dialog with the name/icon change flag to experience this with PWA in Chrome and Edge web browsers.

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