Apple released iOS/iPadOS 15 developer beta 7

Apple today released the iOS 15/iPadOS 15 developer beta 7 update (build number: 19A5337a) to iPhone and iPad users. This update is separated from the last release. For 1 week.

Registered developers can download iOS and iPadOS Beta test version configuration files. Once the configuration file is installed, the Beta test version update can be obtained through OTA. The iOS 15 system is a major update that introduces a series of new features, focusing on reducing distractions and spending more time with friends and family.

The FaceTime interface has been transformed and has a new SharePlay feature. You can listen to music, watch videos, and share your screen with friends and family. In iMessage, if someone shares URLs, photos, news articles, or songs with you, You can see these in Apple’s dedicated application.

Focus mode allows you to create custom notification modes to hide irrelevant apps and notifications when you work or with your family, so you can better focus on the activity at hand, and there is a new notification summary that will Less important notifications are prioritized, so you won’t be overwhelmed by information all the time.

Apple Maps includes a new 3D view, allowing you to see 3D landmarks in selected cities, immersive AR instructions when walking, and driving instructions are better than before, especially at complex intersections. The Safari browser now supports tag grouping to improve the organizational structure.

For the first time, extended features can be used in the Safari browser of iOS devices. Later this year, in some states in the United States, you will be able to add ID cards to the Wallet app, and Apple is making hotel key cards, smart home locks, etc., easier to add to the wallet app.

Spotlight is better than ever before, can bring more targeted search results, and photos have a live text feature, which allows you to take pictures with text, such as receipts, and translate them into text on the iPhone. Photos can also identify landmarks, books, plants, and pets, so you can take a photo of a plant and get information about what it might be.

Apple has also added a number of privacy improvements, such as the new application privacy report that will be launched on the iPhone, which will let you know how often applications access sensitive information, such as location, hidden IP address mail features, and on the device Perform Siri processing.

Apple has been adding functional improvements throughout the iOS 15 testing period. For example, the iOS 15 Beta 4 test version further adjusted the design of the Safari browser, added support for MagSafe external batteries, and more.

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