Ace Combat 7: SKIES UNKNOWN free update with new fighter appearance and music

Ace Combat 7: SKIES UNKNOWN has launched the latest free update, adding six classic music from the previous Ace Combat series of games. The update also adds three new fighter appearances for players to use in campaign mode (once completed) or in multiplayer games.

The three skins are:

  • F-2A 6SQ 60th anniversary appearance
  • F-15J Komatsu Special Mark 2017 appearance
  • 301SQ F-4 last year 2020 appearance
  • Six New Multiplayer BGMs:
  • Mayhem (Roca Roja)-Ace Combat Zero
  • Rendezvous (Fort Grays Island)-Ace Combat 5
  • Blockade (Yinshi Valley, Night)-Ace Combat 4
  • Glacial Skies (Waiapolo Mountains)-Ace Combat Zero
  • Transparent Blue (Yinshi Valley, Morning)-Ace Combat 3
  • Naval Warfare (Anchorhead Bay)-Anchorhead 7: Assault Horizon

At the same time, this update also made the following adjustments to the game:

  • Various text updates.
  • The appearance design of some models has been updated.
  • Fixed various minor issues.

Ace Combat 7: Unknown Airspace is priced at 268 yuan in the national area, and 328 yuan for the deluxe version.

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