Minecraft 2021 Global Carnival announced to open in the early morning of October 17

My World Official Twitter announced on October 17 organized by the Global Carnival and posted a pre-video. According to Mojang’s official introduction, this global carnival will be the most important event in the past ten years of this quarter.

Not only developers from Mojang Studio will be invited, but also players from the Minecraft community will appear at the carnival. Officials will conduct interviews, vote, reveal exciting new content and other activities. More relevant information will come later.

Minecraft is currently under development for version 1.18. The 1.18 version of Minecraft is the second part of the Cave on the Cliff update. The Cave on the Cliff update was originally planned to be released in the 1.17 version of Minecraft but was split into two versions due to development issues.

Version 1.17 of the first part was officially released in June this year, but the official release time of version 1.18 of the second part was not given. The official may announce more new news about version 1.18 at the Global Carnival.

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