Microsoft’s Android version of the Windows subsystem may not support Xbox One after all

We reported yesterday that Microsoft’s Windows Subsystem for Android application was found in the Microsoft Store. The most interesting feature of this list is that the application supports both Windows 11 (also known as Windows 10 version 22000.0) and Xbox One, something that Microsoft has never mentioned before.

In view of Microsoft’s emphasis on WSA bringing Android games to Windows 11, this seems to be an unexpected surprise, but in fact, it does not seem to be the case. Some media have already received a statement from Microsoft, saying that currently, there is no plan to bring the Windows 11 Android subsystem to Xbox.


However, from a planning point of view, Microsoft has indeed opened the door for future Android application support, but when Microsoft finally provides WSA to Windows 11, it will definitely not be in place according to the current progress. Because this work has been delayed, we recently heard that Microsoft will first release Windows 11 without supporting Android applications because the company is still studying the reliability of this technology.

Microsoft will provide Android apps from the Amazon store, but despite the potential of the technology, it also means that Android’s Windows subsystem will not support every app in the Play Store, and the impact of this feature remains to be seen, especially WSA will need 16GB of memory for good performance, which is still not the baseline for most consumer laptops.

The Windows Subsystem application that supports Android can be found in the Microsoft Store: Click Here

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