Hacker: Code reveals that Tesla’s FSD beta being tested in China

According to the latest reports, Tesla seems to be working hard to bring its Fully Self Driving Beta (FSD Beta) to the global market. The system is currently undergoing testing in the Chinese market and conducting business with relevant personnel. Training. The plan appears to be part of Tesla’s efforts to expand the range of its advanced driver assistance systems.

This system, together with the open plan of the supercharging station system, will help Tesla establish its reputation as an electric car manufacturer and provider of autonomous driving solutions. This update was exposed by the famous Tesla owner hacker @greentheonly.

He said that the company’s code shows that some Tesla vehicles in Europe are currently running FSD Beta. The respected hacker did not specify the specific FSD Beta version being tested, but he pointed out that the owner of FSD Beta still abides by a strict confidentiality agreement.

FSD Beta testing outside the United States does not seem to be limited to Europe, and @greentheonly, a Tesla owner, later added that some Teslas in China appear to be running this advanced driver assistance system. This shows that Tesla is testing Autopilot functions and training related personnel in China, but the appearance of FSD Beta testers in China shows that the company is working hard to promote FSD Beta to global Tesla owners outside the United States.

Considering that FSD Beta is expected to show some substantial improvements in the next few days, the update mentioned by @greentheonly is very exciting. In a Twitter post last month, Tesla CEO Musk said that the FSD Beta 10, which will be launched later this week, will use a completely retrained neural network. . After the release of FSD Beta 10, Musk pointed out that Tesla may need to spend several weeks adjusting the system and fixing errors before the highly anticipated FSD download button can be introduced to a larger group.

Tesla values ​​FSD Beta 10 very much. The FSD Beta version currently used by users is version 9.2, which was released a few weeks ago. At first, Musk emphasized that FSD Beta 9.3 will be released after version 9.2, but then he turned to say that Tesla will directly release FSD Beta 10 to replace FSD Beta 9.3. According to Musk, FSD Beta 10 will be the next level product, which will make some substantial improvements on the basis of version 9.2.

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