Chrome OS 93 released, here’s all the news

The Google team has kicked off the release of Chrome OS 93, a new release that is preparing to land on the many Chromebooks available on the market, bringing with it some interesting news. One of the most important new features of Chrome OS 93 is represented by the improvement of Tote, which now shows three previews of recently added screenshots or downloads, making their selection more immediate.

Another of the novelties of this release of the Google operating system is represented by a small change in the launcher by virtue of which, if you keep pressing for a long time on the icon of an app, a new UI will be displayed that makes it easier to understand where the app is moving. And again, with Chrome OS 93 the Chromebook will show the stylus pen’s battery level, so users know when it’s time to buy another without running the risk of it completely draining first.

Some Android applications are quite unstable and crash on Chromebooks and this often happens because developers have created them for phones and tablets and to improve stability Chrome OS 93 will lock the window size based on the screen the developer has it for. For apps that are not optimized for Chromebooks, such as Gmail, users will see a new menu in the center of the title bar, and clicking on it will show three options, namely Phone, Tablet, and Resizable: if yes select the latter, Chrome OS will warn that the app may encounter problems or restart.

Chrome OS 93 makes configuring a keyboard input much less confusing and introduces integration into the browser with playback speed controls directly in its media player. As we learn from Android Police, among other new features in Chrome OS 93 are rounded corners for Picture-in-Picture functionality, a number of improvements in Android 11’s memory management for Chromebooks.

The ability of the Scan app to store user settings, the ability for Chromebook Linux apps to use the Chrome OS file manager to select files, and the ability for administrators to allow Android apps to access Chrome OS user and device certificates. The new version of Google’s operating system is already being released for all users.

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