Square Enix shares Marvel’s Reunion game 2021 autumn and winter update roadmap

Today, the publisher Square Enix announced the Autumn and Winter 2021 Roadmap for Marvel’s Reunion series of game IP. The team claims to have learned a lot in the past year and is working hard to resolve the worries of the majority of players. Although the current focus is on improving the plot of the villain Klaw to put an end to the storyline of Black Panther: War of Wakanda, some major changes during development have led to some rework of the game.

The official website for sharing information on shows, to enhance the gaming experience, Marvel re-linking series of games will be the introduction of IP equipment, resources and a lot of decorative objects. In addition, with the improvement of ability levels, developers also want to ensure that players can keep their hard-fought equipment.

  • Under the new system mechanism, the game will allow players to upgrade Epic/Legendary/Exotic equipment from Power Level 100 to a higher level.
  • At present, we are working hard to adopt a more streamlined resource concentration method. Each resource in the new system has a specific purpose, and players can see it at a glance.
  • In addition, we are adding ways to earn various accessories through gameplay, and it includes items that were previously only available through the market.

Interested friends can purchase the Marvel Reunion game through platforms such as the Microsoft Store for 39.99 US dollars. For the Spider-Man gamers on PS4/PS5, they will also have a new experience in a few months, including a hero storyline in production. However, it should be pointed out that because Sony still holds the copyright of the Spider-Man IP, this series of games does not support cross-platform experience (such as Microsoft Xbox, Google Stadia, and PC platforms).

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