Apple released iPad Mini, equipped with A13 bionic chip to significantly upgrade the camera

Apple just released the latest version of its most popular tablet: the standard version of the iPad Mini. This new model is the ninth-generation iPad since its debut in 2010. It uses a processor called A13 Bionic. In addition, it is also equipped with a new 12MP front camera that supports the Center Stage function that debuted on the iPad Pro last year.

The rear camera of the iPad ushered in the autofocus function, and the front camera has also been improved: 12MP ultra-wide angle, greatly improving the picture quality. The CenterStage function will detect the subject, intelligently center the character automatically, and support third-party applications.

The ninth generation of the iPad also introduced the original color display function, continues to support first-party and third-party keyboards, and continues to be compatible with the Apple Pencil stylus. The old Touch ID sensor is still found under the display, and the 10.2-inch iPad is the last Apple product to use a traditional identification system.

Apple’s entry-level iPad is aimed at leisure users and the education market, so the price is its most important indicator. Each update will bring a moderate change to keep the iPad performance not lagging behind and not too costly.

The new generation of entry-level iPad starts at $329, and the entry capacity has been increased to 64GB. It will be pre-sold from next week, and the educational discount price starts at $299.

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