Microsoft PowerToys v0.46.0 experimental preview version released

The experimental preview version of PowerToys v0.46.0 has been released, which supports muting video conferences and has carried out a series of repairs. PowerToys is an open-source project of Microsoft. It provides a series of tools that people can use to customize the Win10/Win11 UI and experience according to their own preferences. In addition, based on feedback and overall stability, some utilities will also be built into the operating system.

Earlier this month, Microsoft released version 0.45.0 of PowerToys, which contains a large number of bug fixes, a new settings menu with Fluent Design, and more stability updates. Today, Microsoft launched the PowerToys v0.46.0 experimental preview version, which added a video conference mute utility. Microsoft pointed out in the update log that they expect this experimental preview version may have problems, so ordinary users are not recommended to update, please continue to use the stable 0.45.0 version.


  • Fixed the vertical offset of the upper right corner of the toolbar to allow users to close other application windows;
  • Fixed the compatibility problem of some systems when compiling from source code;
  • Fixed the persistent problem of the toolbox on the screen;
  • Fixed the problem that the microphone was unmuted when changing the position of the video conference mute toolbar;
  • Added video conference mute in the Welcome to PowerToys window.

Known Issues:

  • Some webcams, are not compatible with Teams and will not render superimposed images, but display corrupted frames;
  • Application previews (Teams, Meet, etc.) may display a horizontally flipped superimposed image, but the image will be displayed correctly to other people in the call;
  • In order to enable/disable VCM, PowerToys should be run as an administrator;
  • Changes to certain VCM settings require restarting the application to obtain new values, such as new overlay images;
  • In some cases, the overlay image will be flipped vertically (the solution is to edit the image and flip it before selecting).

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