OnePlus announced the specific upgrade plan for ColorOS 12

ColorOS 12 has been officially released recently, and OnePlus has also announced an upgrade public test plan. OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro will take the lead in public testing. Today, OnePlus Mobile COO Liu Fengshuo announced the specific upgrade plan for ColorOS 12:

  • The 9R public beta is expected to be in January 2022, and it is based on the Android 12 version.
  • Due to the increased difficulty of data compatibility and huge workload of hydrogen OS 11 to ColorOS 12, in order to keep the key data of users as much as possible, and the most convenient way to upgrade, the ColorOS 12 upgrade of 8 series and 7 series phones will take a long time. One point, but the official ColorOS 12 upgrade time announced before will be honored.
  • In addition to the annual plan announced at the press conference, the ColorOS major version upgrade plan will be refreshed and announced at the end of each month. For example, at the end of December this year, the models adapted to Q1 in 2022 will be announced, accurate to the month, and January is accurate to the day. (ColorOS11 domestic press conference and monthly update announced the upgrade plan are all reached, including 7 models in advance)
  • The ColorOS upgrade public test is a public test version to upgrade the official version of the new version of the OS. As long as it is included in the upgrade public test plan, after upgrading to the ColorOS 12 public test version, the official follow-up will push the official version for users OTA.

Fengshuo Liu said that after some models of OnePlus are officially equipped with ColorOS this year, OnePlus is still constantly running in, and there is still a lot of room for optimization between teams in the future. Next, we will further optimize the upgraded efficiency based on the ColorOS version, and provide a more reasonable upgrade rhythm, in the hope of bringing you a higher quality and better system experience.

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