Google Photos is about to introduce Locked Folder feature

Among the new features of the Android 12 system announced today, Google Photos will soon introduce the Locked Folder function, which allows users to hide sensitive photos and videos and protect them by password or biometrics. This feature will be open to Android 6 and above users.

This feature was unveiled at the I/O Developers Conference in May of this year. The case demonstrated at the meeting was to hide photos of newly purchased puppies from children. Google wrote in a tweet posted on May 18: With @googlephotos’ Locked Folder, you can add photos to a password-protected space. When you scroll through photos or other apps on your phone, they It won’t be displayed. Locked folders will be launched on GooglePixel first, and more Android devices will be launched this year.

You can set a locked folder by going to Library > Utilities > Lock Folder in the Google Photos application. Then, you can manually move the existing photos to that folder. The Pixel camera application can save new photos directly to the folder when shooting, but it is not clear whether this feature also applies to other Android camera applications. Please note that any images saved in the locked folder will not be backed up to the cloud.

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